The Liberace 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom V Sedanca DeVille Town Car Limousine, designed for the stage at the Las Vegas Hilton.

During the first automotive expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center in 1958, one entertainer who had been taking the town by storm saw an opportunity.

Who is Liberace?

Soon after Baron Hilton took the reins of America’s largest hotel chain, he set his sights on the Las Vegas Market. Under his direction in 1970, Hilton acquired the largest hotel in the world, the newly-built International Hotel in Las Vegas. It became the Las Vegas Hilton.

The hotel would attract the longest running, and most successful entertainment residencies of all time: Elvis, and Liberace. It wasn’t by accident. Baron Hilton was a major influence in the escalation of showmanship Liberace put forth, always encouraging the entertainer to go bigger, to be more daring, to go over the top and to outdo himself. Liberace was in his element, and leaned in to the challenge. He came to call the Las Vegas Hilton his “show business home in Las Vegas.” Baron reciprocated with the richest entertainment contracts in history, even gifting the famous Hilton Piano Ring to Liberace in celebration of their mutual success.

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Having escalated his show cars to the point of costume extensions, Liberace enlisted the help of his artisan glazer John Hancock, to create the crown jewel of his auto collection. He would convert the entertainer’s 1961 Rolls Royce Sedanca Deville town car limousine, for stage use only. This included covering most of the vehicle in mirror tiles, replacing interior carpeting with ermine fur, and the headliner and rear shelf with silver paisley. Liberace was chauffeured nightly on to stage at the Las Vegas Hilton in this massive example of over-the-top luxury.

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This is the Grand Dame of show business cars. The largest Rolls Royce ever built, it is one of only seven made, and is the only one remaining with right hand drive. This incredible show business artifact is an enduring symbol of the Glitz of the Las Vegas Strip. It is on loan to Resorts World from the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, in celebration of the return of the Las Vegas Hilton, and the reunion of Hilton and Liberace.

Donations at the exhibit or in online here go to continuing to preserve the Liberace legacy of supporting the performing and creative arts.

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